Meet Our Mentors

Justin Sticht

Justin is a systems engineer at Polaris. He has been with the Blaine Robotics team for 6 years as a mentor and coach. He has experience with FRC teams in the past, including 3 years as a student member of the Blaine Robotics team. 

Jeremy Bydlon

Jeremy is an education coordinator at the University of Minnesota Medical School and former high school math teacher. He was a coach for an FRC team for 4 years previously and this is his second year with Blaine Robotics.

Jarrod "Janky J Rod" Neuharth

Jarrod is a R&D engineer at Stryker. He was previously involved in FRC as a student in high school and mentored another team before joining Blaine Robotics. He has been with the team for 2 seasons.

Nathan Moe

Nathan is a forensic scientist for the City of St. Paul. He was involved in FRC as a student in high school and founded/mentored another team in Grand Forks. This is his first season with Blaine Robotics.