About FRC 2181

Team History

The Blaine High School Robotics team was founded in 2007 by the wood shop teacher at the time, Tim Nestrud. When the team registered, they were assigned the team number 2181 by FRC, which is the number we compete under to this day. Since then, Team 2181 has been recognized in FRC for various accomplishments such as the Imagery Award, Industrial Design Award, and in 2013, winner of the 10,000 Lakes competition, which produced an opportunity to compete in Worlds. 

General Season Schedule

Check out the Calendar page for a more detailed look at meeting times and competitions.

Divisions of the Team

While every team member is expected to contribute wherever they are needed, students inevitably often specialize into certain areas of the team. Some examples of those specializations are below. 


Prototype, design, and build mechanisms and the drive train to manipulate game pieces. This involves working with motors, gearboxes, CAD, pneumatics, and more.


Assemble, design, and implement the robot's electrical systems. This involves working with motor controllers, roboRIO, cameras, and more.


Robots use autonomous and teleoperated programs during competition. Programming designs and refines these programs for optimal game play.


FIRST is more than just robots. It is also about reaching out in our community, expanding our brand, increasing our fundraising, and teaching younger generations about STEM.

Drive Team

An FRC competition needs a 4 person drive team consisting of a driver, an operator, a drive coach, and a human player (passes game pieces to the robot).


The competitions do not only feature robot matches. Before and during Regionals, our team submits/presents awards to judges and we possibly receive awards.

Fast Facts

Location: Blaine High School, Room 128

Team Founded: 2007

Founding Sponsor: Medtronic